Footage Of Meek Mill’s Crew Attempting To Jump Safaree Has Emerged

Well, apparently Safaree wasn’t lying when he said Meek Mill’s boys jumped him in Los Angeles, from the looks of it they just did a terrible job. It didn’t take long for footage to emerge of the scuffle, and while it doesn’t appear that Meek did anything himself, he was definitely there as everything unfolded.

The video starts calmly enough, with Safaree greeting somebody on the sidewalk when suddenly an SUV emerges and Meek opens a door and hops out, and from there all hell breaks loose. In an instant someone is taking a swing at Safaree, and he takes off running. Unfortunately for him, he’s outnumbered and runs into a crowd of people taking swings at him. They’re all fairly unsuccessful, and you can see why Safaree was able to record a response video immediately without a scratch on his face or a wrinkle on his shirt. Nearly every punch misses and Safaree is about as elusive as a running back with quick feet.

Eventually he escapes fully, and someone in a suit gets a few good licks and a nice body slam in on one of the culprits before it all ends. Meek is never seen in the scuffle, something that will likely please his probation officer, but he conspicuously appeared the moment everything popped off so who knows if there will be legal ramifications for him.

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