Meek Mill Speaks On The Philadelphia Eagles Using His Music As A Rallying Cry During Their Super Bowl Run

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Meek Mill has given his first public statement since being incarcerated on a controversial probation violation last November. The Philly rapper showed love to the Philadelphia Eagles, who paid homage to Meek last week by playing his beloved “Dreams & Nightmare Intro” not just on the field, but in the locker room where they rapped it word-for-word. Like the 2007 New York Giants doing sack dances inspired by Jim Jones’ “We Fly High” and The Pittsburgh Steelers coming out at Super Bowl XLV to Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow,” Meek’s song has apparently become the energetic theme song for the Eagles as they’ve soared to the Super Bowl.

In a written statement to Bleacher Report, Meek said that he appreciates the Eagles using his song. “It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs,” he said. “That’s why I make music–to inspire others and bring people together,” The rapper, who’s serving a 2-to-4-year sentence, added that, “the Eagles have also motivated me with the way they’ve overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year.”

Though the Eagles certainly haven’t suffered a fate as harsh as Meek, they’ve overcome devastating injuries – including one to star Quarterback Carson Wentz – in their quest for Minnesota, the site of the Super Bowl. Meek won’t be present for the game, but his song may boom through the stadium speakers as the Eagles players chase their dreams of Super Bowl glory.