Megan The Stallion Wonders Why She’s Being Called The ‘Bad Guy’ After Getting Shot

Megan Thee Stallion has received a lot of sympathy after being shot by Tory Lanez, but there are those who continue to defend Lanez. Now, Meg has addressed those people, expressing her confusion at the situation.

Today, Meg tweeted, “People wish I was the ‘bad guy’ so bad it’s weird,” followed by laughing and crying emojis. She then retweeted a fan who replied, “For no mf reason !!”

This comes a couple days after Meg responded to a Twitter user who posted, “If @theestallion is taking advantage of this #PROTECTBLACKWOMEN and pandering, she gonna lose a lot of fans when the facts comes out.” Meg wrote, “This is exactly the type of dumb comment that makes me scream PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. Please tell me why I would need to lie abt being shot to promote the protection of women… like out of all the things to lie about … this is sad coming out of a BLACK MAN’S MOUTH.”

She also just penned a New York Times op-ed in which she addressed the shooting, saying, “I was recently the victim of an act of violence by a man. After a party, I was shot twice as I walked away from him. We were not in a relationship. Truthfully, I was shocked that I ended up in that place. My initial silence about what happened was out of fear for myself and my friends. Even as a victim, I have been met with skepticism and judgment. The way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault proves that my fears about discussing what happened were, unfortunately, warranted.”