Megan Thee Stallion Deleted Instagram From Her Phone, But She Explains Why She’s All In On ‘The Best App’ Instead

This isn’t a revelatory statement, but there’s a lot of both good and bad that comes with social media. It helps connect the world and expose people to creativity they otherwise wouldn’t have seen, but too much time online can be exhausting or even harmful. It’s not uncommon for people to remove popular social media apps from their phones sometimes, and that’s what Megan Thee Stallion is going through right now. There’s one app, though, that she’s huge on, so much so that she deemed it to be “the best app.”

Meg spoke at Adweek’s Social Media Week event yesterday (April 10), and she discussed what her social media usage has been like lately, saying:

“You know what I really like? Pinterest. I’m not gonna tell anybody what my Pinterest is. I got a lot of stuff saved, OK? So I deleted Instagram and Twitter off my phone. I have TikTok and I have Pinterest. Pinterest is, like, the best app in my opinion right now because I can curate what I want to see. […] I can literally get on there and see what I want to see. Like, if I want to see puppies all day, that’s what I see. My Pinterest is makeup, puppies, breakfast [laughs], workout videos, booty shorts [laughs]. I see all the content I like to see.”

Check out the clip below.