Megan Thee Stallion Leads A Mission To Dismantle The Patriarchy On ‘Out Alpha The Alpha’ From ‘D*cks: The Musical’

A24’s first-ever movie-musical, D*cks: The Musical has shown to be one of the buzziest of the year. An early review of the film by Vanity Fair described the films songs as “legitimate toe-tappers.” Tonight (October 6), Megan Thee Stallion has shared with us the latest taste of the film’s promising cast recording — a women-empowering anthem called “Out Alpha The Alpha.”

On “Out Alpha The Alpha,” a song sung from the perspective of Meg’s movie character Gloria Masters, she assembles an all-women militia to dismantle the patriarchy, pushing all male citizens aside as the women take over.

“They say, ‘Boys will be boys,’ man, what a crock of sh*t / These men, they hold all the cards, it makes me wanna sp*t / They always f*ckin’ sh*t up, they’re always makin’ a mess / But I’ma tell you the secret to my success,” raps Meg on the song’s opening verse, before she is joined by a triumphant choir, as they slay a male-dominated workforce.

You can listen to “Out Alpha The Alpha” above.

D*cks: The Musical is in select theaters now, and premieres nationwide 10/20.

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