Megan Thee Stallion Brushes Off The Haters In Her ‘Charlie’s Angels’-Inspired ‘Realer’ Video

Megan Thee Stallion isn’t worried about a hater. That’s the theme of the new video for “Realer” from her recently-released album Fever, which takes its visual cues from cheesy 1970s action series Charlie’s Angels as Megan and her crew flex and mean mug their way through a menacing showcase of cars, guns, and weaponized posteriors.

The video is produced by the female-fronted crew Everybodyneedsus and opens with a title card declaring “Houston has a problem. Megan Thee Stallion and Thee Hotties will solve it!” The introduction runs down “Ill Will Jackson, a known hater,” who is “spewing junk across the city and up to no good,” a pretty thin stand-in for the sexist critics who have nitpicked Megan’s presentation, bars, and precipitous rise for the past several months. Although Jackson doesn’t make an appearance in the video, which is largely plotless past this point, maybe that’s for the best.

It says that haters like Jackson don’t really matter; the focus is and should always be Megan and her Hotties, who are feeling themselves, armed to the teeth, and fully in control of their image and sexuality. They’re too busy riding their convertible slab through the streets of their hometown with the top down to worry about what men have to say — especially since those men are too busy being hypnotized by the view to notice those streaming counts creeping up every time they hit “play.”

Fever is out now via 300 Entertainment.