The Spice Girls Bullied One Of Their Own So Hard It Inspired Her Solo Record

Bless the Spice Girls. They gave us glorious tunes, gorgeous videos, easy to remember nicknames, Chupa Chups and a hearty championing of Girl Power™. All good things, eh? Well, not quite. (No, this isn’t a shot at Geri’s first solo record.)

In an interview with Attitude, Mel C (government name Melanie Chisholm) revealed that she was the victim of bullying during her time with the ’90s pop outfit. The subject came up when the former Sporty Spice chatted about her latest record Version of Me and shared that the album was partially influenced by the abuse she’s endured in her life:

Version of Me is about being bullied. About being in a situation as a young adult where I felt bullied and how that has affected me, and molded me in a way.

“Unfortunately, being bullied can really damage people and even when you are stronger and over it, it can still be in the background -– undermining you. I hope people will identify with that track.”

Naturally, the Mel C’s comments about being bullied as a young adult led to a question asking if her Spice Girls peers were guilty of being bullies.

“Yes. I’m not going to name names. But yes,” she told the publication. “It’s been addressed, they were aware of what they’d done. They apologized.”

That seems like a relatively happy ending to a bummer scenario and maybe we’ll see Mel C pop in during the upcoming Spice Trio (GEM) tour. Or maybe not. These sorts of things can be complicated.