Watch This Drummer Unleash Metal All Over ‘I’m A Little Teapot’

“I’m A Little Teapot” has survived for nearly 80 years without so much as a remix. But today’s kids are living in a rough world. They might soon have to learn about President Donald Trump. They need something a bit more brutal. Luckily drummer Joey Muha has us covered with his metal-as-all-hell rendition of the Teapot song.

Muha shows off a wide range of metal drumming patterns as he flails like Animal and keeps time to a preschooler’s singalong. By the time it’s over, you’ll be advocating for blastbeats and double-bass pedals in all kids’ songs. (I suggest starting with “The Cat Came Back” as that feline was clearly well-versed in some kvlt sh*t.) Even if this is the last time Muha rages along to a song meant for toddlers, the science says he has some dedicated fans coming his way.

Metal and children’s songs have a long history, especially once people realized you could get internet-famous for it. Remember Hevisaurus, The Finnish Barney-like band that play exlusively heavy metal songs meant for kids? How about the dude’s from Chicago’s Pasquale Guitars, who tore through Slayer on tiny, pink instruments meant for little girls? And none of them will beat Juliet, the Internet’s OG metal kid.

The point is, mixing younguns and metal is never not funny.

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