Metallica Will Live-Stream A Free Concert The Night Before The Super Bowl

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We can be honest here. Coldplay is an underwhelming and safe choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. Luckily, Metallica is here to give us something with a little more fuel, fire and zabbazabbazow. The metal band are live-streaming a free concert the night before Super Bowl 50, in honor of the event being held in their hometown.

The concert at San Francisco’s AT&T Park — aptly dubbed “The Night Before” — will be live-streamed via LiveMetallica, the website where the band sells official recordings of their live shows. Cage The Elephant will open for the hometown heroes and Metallica is expected to take the stage at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT.

The group has been sharing updates on The Night Before on social media, including shots of the stage construction.

The group isn’t just coasting and playing the hits to massive crowds, however. According to Kirk Hammett, Metallica are hard at work on their 10th album. The still untitled album would be the band’s first since 2008.

It’s heavy. We’ve got some heavy stuff going. It delivers on that front for sure. You know, I would say a lot of it is along the lines of [2008 album] Death Magnetic. A lot of it seems to be going along those lines. But you know, with social media now and everything else, I’m a little bit wary to comment too much on the album, because then people pick up on it. Then, people think that that’s the final definitive statement on what this album is, or how much of it is done, or what it sounds like or whatever – and that’s not really the case. It’s not accurate. We’re still working on it.”

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(Via Rolling Stone)