Metallica Made This Deli Guy’s Whole Night By Jamming Out With Him In A Supermarket

If the wild success of Carpool Karaoke has taught us anything, it’s that in the social media age, fans absolutely love watching their favorite musicians show up in unorthodox places. Perhaps that is part of the impetus behind this clip of Metallica apparently rocking out with a deli counter guy, and uh, Billy Eichner (?) It’s pretty ballsy to walk through a store playing your own song, but then again, this is Metallica we’re talking about.

TMZ caught the iconic metal band, who are currently reprising their success with their first album in eight years, Hardwire To Self-Destruct, playing their best-known song “Enter Sandman” for a meat department employee in a Hollywood Gelson’s supermarket.

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No real word on how they began jamming the song, or why Eichner was tagging along with the band, but aside from TMZ’s clip, plenty of fans were also intrigued by the spectacle. Easily, the best part is when the deli guy takes over on theatrics — and his enthusiasm makes up for the fact that he doesn’t really know the words at all! All in all, this was not just another boring night in the meat department.

Metallica were in Los Angeles last night playing a gig at the Henry Fonda theatre, and it looks like they hit up the store after they performed that night.