Method Man Says ‘All Rappers Are Liars,’ But ‘Kanye Is A God’

Wu-Tang Clansman Method Man stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to talk about his roles on the HBO dramas The Deuce and The Wire, Donald Trump’s annoying rap voice, and why rappers make such great actors. In fact, Meth’s reasoning for the latter? “Rappers are great liars. With a straight face too!” Using Kanye West as an example, he elaborated that he remembered Kanye West building himself up by saying, “I’m a god,” but quickly qualified that, “Kanye is a god!”

The well-respected, classic New York rapper also told a hilarious story about getting dressed up on Easter to take in Godzilla movies with his dad, how he got Donald Trump to make a cameo on his 1998 sophomore album, Tical 2000: Judgment Day (Russell Simmons hooked it up), and his inspiration for the hairdo his character, Rodney, sports in The Deuce (spoiler alert: it’s a reference to one Reverend Al Sharpton). Meth was all dappered down for the interview, which may be a departure from his usual streetwise style, but all his trademark charisma remained intact.

Method Man will be returning to music with the release of the new Wu-Tang Clan album, Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues, due on October 13 and featuring the hard-bodied, “People Say” with Redman.