MF DOOM Pays His Respects To The Late J Dilla With A Birthday Tribute

Much like everyone else including us, MF DOOM is paying tribute to his fellow collaborator and friend, the late J Dilla. Today, February 7 would’ve been the Detroit-raised producer’s 43rd birthday and, in honor of that, the normally hard to pin down DOOM shared a very special video tribute via social media.

Uploaded the Instagram account of record label Nature Sounds, the video clip shows DOOM, wearing his mask as is customary, floating on a boat. “Dilla! Dilla! Shout-out to my man J Dilla,” DOOM says to the camera. “Moment of silence.” From there, it’s silence for the remainder of the video. If the scene seems familiar, it’s because DOOM once paid tribute to deceased Duck Down artist Sean Price in similar nautical fashion. It’s not exactly conventional but who would expect anything less than unusual from rap’s favorite super villain?

Dilla and DOOM share a working history together. They initially came together while working with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah in 2005 and ended up creating a joint project. The EP, titled Sniperlite, eventually released in 2008 under the name Dilla Ghost DOOM. Dilla died in 2006 at the age of 32 on February 10, days after his 32nd birthday.

Watch DOOM tribute in the above video.