Michael Bolton And Sinbad Took A Ride In A Helicopter Together Because Life Is Strange

Michael Bolton and Sinbad got into a helicopter together. Amazingly, that’s not the start of a terrible joke or the plot to SyFy’s Sharknado 3: Three Already?, as it’s something that actually happened yesterday. I’m sure that you’re probably wondering why the man who sang, “Said I Loved You… But I Lied” was in a helicopter with Sinbad, or why the guy who just made his comeback with Make Me Wanna Holla was in a helicopter with Michael Bolton. It doesn’t matter, though, because it happened and now we can only sit here and try to decide what happens next for them.

Should Bolton get a new YouTube series entitled, “Singers getting tea in helicopters with standup comics?” (Yes.)

Should Sinbad get a new YouTube series entitled, “Guys who wear track suits getting Gatorade in a helicopter with singers?” (Yes.)

Should they both get a reality series that features them flying around Los Angeles in a helicopter, landing in random places, and getting out and shouting, “Hey, it’s Sinbad and Michael Bolton!”? (Also yes.)

Should they start a guided tour company so they can fly regular people around while Bolton sings, “That’s What Love is All About” and Sinbad tells them about the hilarious differences between men and women? (Again, yes.)

Should Bolton grow his ridiculous 80s and 90s curled mullet back? It’s unrelated to this, obviously, but yes. The answer is still very much yes. But did we come here to speculate on the relationship of two 90s icons or did we come here to watch Michael Bolton teach us about softball? I thought so.