Michael Shannon And 10 Other TV Stars You Probably Didn't Know Were In Bands

Last night, in the dimly lit basement of New York City bar Fontana’s, Michael Shannon’s band Corporal played a 45-minute set — yes, that Michael Shannon.

It was an all-too-perfect venue choice for Shannon, whose career has largely been spent playing roles that can best be described as “creepy.” In person, he’s much more animated than his “Boardwalk Empire” character Nelson Van Alden (less sleeping with Paz, too). He’s a bundle of nerves, constantly fidgeting and looking like he wants to accomplish 12 things at once. That energy translates to his four-piece band, too, where he sings and plays guitar (and a mini-accordion for one song). Corporal gives off a vibe of a bunch of guys who enjoy jamming in garages whenever everyone’s in town, and their sound is a little bit Pavement, a little bit Silver Jews. So, Stephen Malkmus-y, but a bit darker and sung with more of a drawl.

Before hearing about the show, I didn’t know that Shannon was even in a band, but now that I’ve seen him take a shot of whiskey before playing the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers,” I’ll never forget. Here are 10 other TV stars who you didn’t know either were or are in bands.

(Photo via Nadia Chaudhury)

Actor: Wilko Johnson
Character/Show: Ser Ilyn Payne, “Game of Thrones”

Band: Dr. Feelgood, then solo
Genre: U.K. pub rock

Actress: Natalia Tena
Character/Show: Osha, “Game of Thrones”

Band: Molotov Jukebox
Genre: Self-described “Afro-beat/Funk/Spanish pop”

Actor: Bill Paxton
Character/TV Show: Bill Henrickson, “Big Love”

Band: Martini Ranch
Genre: Goofy ’80s new wave

Actor: Michael Cera
Character/Show: George Michael, “Arrested Development”

Band: Mister Heavenly (touring bassist only)
Genre: Indie pop

Actor: Lance Reddick
Character/Show: Cedric Daniels, “The Wire”

Band: Solo (not available on YouTube, but click here to listen)
Genre: Smooth jazz with extra smooth

Actor: Frankie Muniz
Character/Show: Malcolm, “Malcolm in the Middle”

Band: Kingsfoil
Genre: Overproduced alt-rock, but with “pop sensibilities,” I bet

Actor: Craig Robinson
Character/Show: Daryl, “The Office”

Band: The Nasty Delicious
Genre: Baby-making R&B

Actor: Ricky Gervais
Character/Show: David Brent, “The Office”

Band: Seona Dancing
Genre: Heartfelt new wave

Actor: Jeremy Sisto
Character/Show: George Altman, “Suburgatory”

Band: Escape Tailor
Genre: Homeless clown acoustic-rock

Actor: Michael Pitt
Character/Show: Jimmy Darmody, “Boardwalk Empire”

Band: Pagoba
Genre: Grunge revivalists

And more pictures from Michael Shannon’s show last night: