Migos Reportedly Refused To Appear With Drag Queens For Katy Perry’s ‘SNL’ Performances (Updated)

Update: The World of Wonder site pulled their story last night, and a representative from Capitol Music has called it “completely false and fabricated.” Meanwhile, over on Reddit, a commenter who also claims to be have been there has thoughts on how the queens were still maneuvered to be included in the song.

Original story below.

Katy Perry is currently being dragged by the internet for what can only be described as a questionable SNL performance. For her spot as a musical performer on the show, Perry performed her, uh “sexual liberation anthem” aka cannibalism celebration “Bon Appétit,” which features Atlanta rap trio Migos, and her Nicki Minaj-featuring single “Swish Swish.” (Seeing a pattern here?)

For the “Swish Swish” performance, Perry enlisted a host of drag queens to perform alongside her — word to Miley Cyrus who literally already did that when she released Dead Petz. The performers included lots of New York-based members of the drag community, including Brenda Dharling, Lil Miss Hot Mess, Bryant Dorean, Scarlet Envy, Gisele Alicea, Brita Filter, Yuhua Hamasaki, Pattaya Hart, Kimberly Smallz LaBeija, Alotta McGriddles, Svetlana Stoli, Miss Vita Summers, Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza (a dance from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour), The Countess Mascara, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 6 contestant Vivacious, and viral star Russell Got Barzz.

However, according to World Of Wonder, the production company behind Ru Paul’s Drag Race and a lot more, the queens were also supposed to show up on “Bon Appétit” — but Migos refused to perform with them.

Instead, the queens who were tapped for that performance were told throughout the day by various members of cast and crew that they were no longer welcome on the number. It’s a shame too, because they probably would’ve improved the performance quite a bit, that song is the main one that the internet has been mocking Katy’s dance moves — or lack thereof — on.

From WOW’s sources:

Queen #1:

“I was one of the performers on that table with them the whole time, during the rehearsal for 3 days. On the day of the filming, when I got there, I was told to leave. I wasn’t on the set at the time, but we were asking what happened. They said it was because Migos doesn’t feel comfortable with having drag queens there.”

Queen #2:

“I heard it from the stylist. They changed the queens out in the Bon Appétit number, and they didn’t seem too thrilled during rehearsal either, with us there.”

Queen #3:

“I work at SNL and the rumors are true! Migos held up rehearsal because they ‘weren’t comfortable with the drag queens’ being there. There were initially more drag queens on the set for that song, but after Migos threw a fit, Katy Perry’s team removed some of the queens from the performance. Additionally, Katy Perry didn’t invite any of the queens to the afterparty… So, none of them were allowed in.”

If you watch the performance, you’ll notice there are a couple queens at the table, sat very far away from Migos on the fringes:

It’s true, these are just rumors from anonymous sources, but, they’re easier to believe given Migos’ history of making homophobic comments about Makonnen, and then digging the hole even deeper by saying they wouldn’t perform at a gay club. After an incredible resurgence, and facing down so many of their own struggles, it would be so beneficial if Migos could understand and acknowledge the bias that the queer and drag community already routinely faces, and show them some respect and love. We’ll see if they respond to the reports.