Katy Perry Went On ‘SNL’ And People Are Still Roasting Her Days Later

Saturday Night Live closed out it’s 42nd season this last weekend with a bang. Dwayne Johnson was a more than capable host, who decided in his opening monologue by throwing a little bit of fuel on the fire to the speculation that he may run for President in 2020. Enlisting a Tom Hanks as his running mate was a genius move. If only that was all people on the Internet could talk about after the show.

What really got people talking on social media over the last several days was the pair of performances put on by Katy Perry of her newest singles “Swish Swish” and “Bon Appetite,” which she performed with Migos. Let’s just say, many of the reviews were…unkind.

Many people took her to task over her attempt at a double dab.

One astute observer couldn’t help but point out the amalgamation between Perry’s outfit and the entire, whatever it was, that happened between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs a few years back.

While others were simply amazed by the backpack-clad dancer who violently swung their arms back and forth.

If her goal was to simply build some buzz ahead of her upcoming album, well then, mission overwhelmingly accomplished. You can watch her full performance of “Bon Appetite” with Migos above and her live rendition of the new single “Swish Swish” below.