Miguel Is Seeking The ‘Next Level’ On His ‘War & Leisure’ Tour

Miguel’s music aims to challenge the hate that’s pervaded society and illustrate how powerful the idea of love can be. “Love is the ultimate rebellion in these times,” he told Uproxx in the second episode of our Honda Backstage series. That’s the exact message he’s looking to convey on his War & Leisure Tour.

Most fans think of a concert from the perspective of an artist merely jumping on stage and performing their favorite songs, but there’s so much more that goes into a good show. “What’s the story we’re trying to tell, what’s the show arc? What’s the dynamic of it?” Miguel asks himself, striving to get it right because he views the tour as his “next level.”

From insightful team meetings about costume changes and stage design to rehearsals with his live band, Uproxx got insider access to the conception of the tour as Miguel’s instrumentalists dished on how they aim to make Miguel’s War & Leisure album sound “bigger for the live show,” as keyboardist Nick Poulious noted.

Miguel is bringing his massive sound to a venue near you on the currently-running War & Leisure tour. But in the meantime, take a look at the above video to appreciate everything that went into it.

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