Miguel’s New Track ‘Funeral’ Is A Trippy, Suggestive Anthem For Your Weekend Pregame

Months after releasing his Spanish-language EP Te Lo Dije, Miguel releases a trippy, suggestive new track “Funeral” ahead of a club appearance at Kaos Nightclub in Vegas Friday night (tonight), a week with a wide array of hip-hop albums releasing as well.

Miguel engaged his Twitter followers by telling them to tag himself in their party videos while tweeting out the link of the song early Friday morning. Miguel gets right to the point with his chorus on “Funeral,” with the theme of the song and his female counterpart he presumably “got acquainted with” before recording the song, and since the song barely tops two minutes it’s fair to assume Miguel double-backed to get “reacquainted.” “Send my regards to the Mother and Father ’cause somebody’s daughter I just f*cking slayed,” Miguel sings. “Blood on the carpet, it came from my heart / Once I start, I can’t stop it, and now we all pray.”

Miguel spends the first verse assuring his female friend she’s not just a one-night stand, all while painting the picture of how he set up their “meeting” earlier in the day, enticing his friend with a smoking cypher as well. Miguel’s quick second verse confirms his meeting with his friend went smoothly while comparing his “blacked-out girl” to a funeral. Miguel recently collaborated with Alicia Keys on “Show Me Love” as well.

You can listen to “Funeral” in its entirety in the clip above, and check out our review of Miguel’s last album War & Leisure here.