Miguel And Lil Yachty Take Us On A Trippy Journey With Their New Single, ‘Number 9’

At long last, we finally have new music from Miguel. After giving us the first taste of his upcoming album back in April with “Give It To Me,” Miguel has followed it with a trippy new track, “Number 9.”

Over a trippy, psychedelic beat, Miguel embraces change within himself, as he embarks on a journey of rebirth.

“Brake lights off / In the distance don’t follow me / And thе sky / Came crawling out beneath thе waves / Crashing into the sun ain’t no stopping me / And when the checkered flags are waved / There’ll be no one else / And nothing left of me,” sings Miguel on the song’s opening verse.

Joining him on the song is hip-hop artist Lil Yachty, who, this past January, released a psychedelic-inspired project of his own called Let’s Start Here.

On his verse, Yachty encourages the listener to “Feel your deep-rooted emotions / Fulfill the devotions
Don’t you get away, I’ll be on your skin like lotion / Living inside your brain.”

According to a statement from Miguel, “Number 9” is “about end[ing] the old, starting new, and the cylindrical nature of change.”

Fans can also expect a new album from Miguel this coming fall.

In the meantime, you can listen to “Number 9” above.