Miley Cyrus Has A Cell Phone, She Just Doesn’t Save Anyone’s Number

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For most people, cell phones are an essential part of daily life, as evidenced by the level of panic that sets in when you go to reach for your phone in your pocket and realize that it’s not there. Miley Cyrus apparently takes a different approach to handheld technology, though. She has a phone, but it looks like she’s difficult to reach on it, because she apparently doesn’t save anybody’s number.

Mark Ronson will appear on next week’s episode of Sunday Today, in conversation with host Willie Geist. In an advance clip, Ronson said that when he was working out his Cyrus collaboration “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart,” he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get through to her, because she “doesn’t even have her grandmother’s number” on her phone: “I think I texted her at first and she just sent back maybe emojis. She said she doesn’t even have her grandmother’s number stored, so she didn’t even know who I was. Four years later, I was in the studio and I was like, ‘Miley Cyrus would be so perfect for this. She never writes me back but what the hell, I’m going to fire one more Hail Mary.’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, cool. Are you around Tuesday?'”

This comes after a couple of recent musician phone revelations. Jack White (not surprisingly) doesn’t own a cell phone, and Glenn Danzig still rocks a flip phone.

The extended interview airs on June 23 on NBC, but in the meantime, watch the clip above or here.

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