Mitski Asks Trump Voters To Leave Her Show: ‘This Is A Safe Space, Voting For Trump Was A Violent Act’

11.11.16 1 year ago 17 Comments

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You can count Mitski among the many artists and musicians who are upset over Donald Trump’s presidential victory. At a show in Athens, GA on November 10, the Puberty 2 songwriter reportedly asked all of Trump’s supporters to leave, along with an offer to refund their tickets.

“This is a safe space,” she said according to one attendee’s Twitter. “Voting for him was a violent act.”

Mitski further clarified her point in a series of replies to that original tweet.

“Trump’s platform is violently hateful, he incites violence at his conventions,” she wrote. “His proposed policies will cause death + violence to millions of minorities, so voting for that is to say ‘I wish violence on these people.’ this is not abt difference in beliefs, this is about giving the people at my show, many of them queer/ppl of color, just 1 night of feeling safe + free of harm.”

The move to banish Trump supporters is not the first action that Mitski has taken in regards to the election. She’s offered up her shows in red states as sanctuaries for LGBT people and people of color.

She also encouraged her fans to organize a buddy system to keep each other safe traveling to and from her shows.

And Mitski has a point. Songs like “A Burning Hill” and “Your Best American Girl” are emotional enough without having to deal with any bull from the outside world.

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