Premiere: Momma’s ‘Work’ Is A Soaring And Propulsive Power Ballad

Dark Secret Media

“Work,” the newest track from LA lo-fi bedroom pop duo Momma, is strapping – it starts off in a slow-burning daze, then gradually gains momentum, ending in something of a soaring and propulsive power ballad. It’s the second single from Momma’s forthcoming album, Interloper, set for release later this month via Danger Collective. The record follows their 2016 EP Thanks Come Again, and was spurred by songwriters Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten’s late night conversations after a year spent apart.

Momma’s songs dwell snugly and guiltlessly in the space of contemplation. Friedman and Weingarten aren’t in a rush to make it out on the other side of youth quite yet – instead, they’re willing to sit in the muck for while, acknowledging the rage and wonder and occasional disappointment of growing up. There’s imagery in “Work” that’s undeniably reminiscent of childhood to teenagedom – “Hey, I think you’ve got my lunchbox / Walking home, I got rocks in my shoes / 3:15, meet in the locker room.”

The duo’s emotional and musical artistry are stunningly showcased on the track. Through their slurred vocals and scratching guitar riffs, they evoke a vivid nostalgia that can’t be fabricated, only mastered by people actually going through it.

Listen to “Work” below. Interloper is out 5/25 via Danger Collective. Pre-order it here.

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