MorMor Represents His Version Of Toronto In The Video For The Genre-Hopping ‘Heaven’s Only Wishful’

Ever since the dawn of Drake, Toronto has been having a real moment, and one of the products of the city’s prolific musical stretch is MorMor, who has just shared a video for “Heaven’s Only Wishful.” His catchy first song borrows from R&B, alternative rock, dream pop, and a bunch of disparate influences that make is hard to categorize the track as anything besides really good.

MorMor says that the video comes from his desire to fully represent all parts of Toronto:

“A lot of my inspiration stems from wanting to share a perspective of Toronto that I feel hasn’t been represented. I’m glad Toronto is getting a lot of attention right now, but my experience of the city that has shaped me isn’t really part of the story yet. I want to capture the feeling that I have had growing up here and this video definitely pays homage to that. […] I made a conscious decision to not show any of Toronto’s major landmarks. The spaces featured in the video are places you’d only know if you’ve walked the city.”

There are no announced plans for an album from MorMor just yet, although there are tentative ones: “Without saying too much, I have a collection of songs that I plan on releasing in the near future,” he said. “However, things have been moving so rapidly and I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to get in the studio with some pretty amazing people, so new music has been created from those sessions as well.”

Watch the video for “Heaven’s Only Wishful” above.