Music Industry Experts Give Key Advice On Landing Your Dream Job

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03.17.17 2 Comments

Welcome to music industry week! Instead of heading down to SXSW this year, we decided to highlight a bunch of music industry professionals who work in various parts of the business to keep it running all throughout the year. A single week down in Austin might seem glamorous for a time, but the truth is the music is an industry just like any other, and if it’s your goal to work in music, that goal is totally attainable without a “networking” trip that costs hundreds of dollars.

You don’t need to travel down to Texas and brush shoulders at overcrowded showcases full of cheap beer, questionable immigration policies and ubiquitous corporate branding. If the point of going to SXSW is to get familiar with the music industry, skip all that and read our interview series instead to find out where you may fit in. There’s so many areas to work in aside from playing music, or even writing about music, and the purpose of this series is to spotlight lesser-known but essential roles that keep the music world spinning.

This week we spoke with a music publisher, an artist manager, a music and entertainment lawyer, and a music supervisor. Today, to wrap things up, we’re focusing in on the advice they have for young professionals — or old ones — who are trying to succeed in this tumultuous, often confusing business.

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