Listen To The ‘My Seattle Mixtape’ Podcast Unpack Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

Courtesy of My Seattle Mixtape

One of our fellow Uproxx staffers, Zach Johnston, who writes mostly for the life and travel section, has started his own podcast to celebrate the Seattle music scene. A native of Seattle, Johnston has since decamped to Berlin, where he currently lives with his family, and has spent some time putting together an appreciation of all things grunge.

The resulting podcast, co-hosted with fellow Berliner Dave Gordon, who himself moved to the city from Cork, Ireland, is called My Seattle Mixtape. Over the course of an episode, the two hosts and their guest talk through the historical significance of a classic record from Seattle, and at the end of the episode, select which song off the album should make their very own “mixtape.”

As a native Oregonian with strong ties to Seattle (my sister has lived there for almost a decade), I was more than happy to guest on the podcast for the episode that tackled what the critics would call Nirvana’s seminal breakout record Nevermind. From the overpowering push of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” to the dark origins of “Polly,” and the final, tender quiet of “Something In The Way,” we walk through the album’s high and low points, before making final arguments for song inclusion on the mixtape. Spoiler alert: My argument was very persuasive.

Listen via their Soundcloud above, or on iTunes. You can also contribute to their Patreon, follow them on Insta, Twitter and Facebook, or check out their full site here.