Nas Reveals That He Has A New Album On The Way, Thanks To Some Pressure From Big Sean

Nas made quite the appearance after he took the stage at last month’s Grammy awards with Lil Nas X, to perform his remix of the young star’s track “Rodeo.” The performance was a highligh of the show for many reasons, one being the arm-around-the-shoulder moment between the two rappers. But it seems we’ll be hearing more from Nas very soon.

Detroit emcee Big Sean posted a video, which you can watch above, in which he revealed that Nas’ next album, while it doesn’t officially have a release date, will arrive much sooner than expected. The video shows the in the middle of a recent recording session, during which Big Sean took out his phone, pointed it at Nas and put him on the spot.

“By the way, Nas dropping an album. I’m putting Nas on blast right now,” Big Seans says in the video. Nas laughs at the announcement, then responds with anything but denial saying, “something like that…it’s kinda hard to replace me.”

With each album announcement that comes down the pike, 2020 has the chance of becoming one of the most prolific years in recent memory. Speaking of Big Sean, he has also been rumored to be putting the finishing touches on his own upcoming album, Detroit 2.

Nas’ previous record, Nasir, arrived in 2018 and it was one of five albums to see to be released as part of the string of Kanye-produced albums from that same year.