Natalie Prass Announces Her Second Album, Which She Re-Wrote After The Presidential Election

02.26.18 1 year ago

Her self-titled debut album dropped in 2015, and now Natalie Prass is ready to follow it up: Today, she has announced that her sophomore record, The Future And The Past, will be out on June 1st via ATO Records. The announcement is accompanied by the single “Short Court Style,” a fun, funky, souful, and airy piece of pop with a memorable earworm hook.

The album as a whole is a bit heavier than that, though, at least in its inspiration: Prass says that the album was initially ready to go before the most recent presidential election, but after Trump took office, she felt the need to re-write the record:

“The record was ready to go, and then the election happened. I was devastated. It made me question what it means to be a woman in America, whether any of the things I thought were getting better were actually improving, who I am and what I believe in. I knew I would be so upset with myself if I didn’t take the opportunity to say some of the things that meant so much to me, so I decided to rewrite the record. I needed to make an album that was going to get me out of my funk, one that would hopefully lift other people out of theirs, too, because that’s what music is all about.”

Watch the video for “Short Court Style” above, and below, find the The Future And The Past album art, tracklist, and Prass’s upcoming tour dates.

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