Neil Young Was A Cranky Delight On ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Today

Legendary long-haired Canadian Neil Young appeared on The Howard Stern Show earlier today to promote his Pono music player, though Stern seemed more interested in discussing Young’s hatred of his former-CSNY bandmate David Crosby, a common topic for anyone who’s ever met the sperm donor.

“Playing with Stills and Nash was really great,” [Young] quipped, adding, “I wish [Crosby] the best with his life. There’s love there, there’s just nothing else there.” He said at one point their relationship was fixable, but not anymore.

Young digressed further, saying, “We’ve been together for a long time. We did a lot of great work. Why should we get back together and celebrate how great we were? What difference does it make? It’s not for the audience, it’s not for money either.” (Via)

That lack of nostalgia is also why Young doesn’t regret not agreeing to be in the Woodstock movie, commenting, “Who cares? It doesn’t matter, I was there, I saw it. Who gives a sh*t? I couldn’t care less.” You can listen to their entire chat below, including a section about Charles Manson where Young said he’s not sure if he’d rather spend a day with the famed criminal or Crosby. Never change, Neil Young.

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