Nelly Charges Into The Crowd At A Miami Club After Getting Hit In The Head With An Object

Nelly, who recently posted a video of himself receiving oral sex (“accidentally,” according to him), was having a good time at a Miami club last night. A video shows him sipping a cocktail in the VIP section, with a glowing bottle service bucket filled with bottles of high-end vodka at his disposal, bobbing his head as the DJ plays “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes. Trouble is, the fun didn’t last very long for Nelly.

Not sooner than he can say “Grey Goose,” does an object come flying down from the upper level of the club and smacks Nelly on the head and ricochet’s onto his shoulder. A video posted by TMZ shows Nelly looking stunned as he clutches his head a for a second and looks up into the crowd to see who threw what looks like a full cup at him. Then, sooner than you can say “Hot In Here,” Nelly goes full Ron Artest and charges into the club crowd a la “Malice At The Palace.” He disappears into the club and we’ll have to use our imaginations to know whether or not Nelly found the perpetrator of this senseless act for now.

Watch the video of the incident above.