Emerging R&B Star Nevaeh Jolie Comes Out As Transgender, Adopting ‘He/Him’ Pronouns

Emerging R&B star Nevaeh Jolie has come out as transgender after being encouraged by others’ coming-out stories on National Coming Out Day (this past Monday, October 11). The singer, best known for the single “Screwed Up” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, announced coming out in an Instagram post, writing in the caption, “Even though I never felt like I wasn’t myself, engaging with ppl, I just knew nobody knew what I thought of myself when I looked in the mirror. And why I was so sad. I saw a boy. In a girl’s body.”

Nevaeh also explained that he would begin hormone therapy this week to begin the transition, explaining that with the help of therapy and the support of a loving circle, he was able to find the courage to make the announcement and share the change with the world.

“There would also be times I just felt like everyone around me knew my secret,” he wrote. “”I created a version of myself that was toxic, I demonized myself, and convinced myself I’d never be able to love. After moving away from home and just experiencing the world and how my dysphoria (before I even knew what that was) worsened, I finally did what I was dreading … I looked up the word ‘transgender.'” After reading others’ stories, Nevaeh realized that it was possible to accept himself, come out, and receive acceptance from others as well.