The New Justin Bieber Wants You To Forget The Old Justin Bieber

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We’re in the middle of a Bieberissance, whether you want it or not.

It all began with an abortion joke, as these things often do. Justin Bieber was torn apart at his Comedy Central Roast; Martha Stewart said he wouldn’t last a week in prison, Nastaha Leggero called sometimes-girlfriend Selena Gomez “literally the least lucky Selena in all of entertainment history” for having to f*ck him, and Ludacris earned a gold star for, “You’re not tough, Justin. I’m here to let you know, man. I know you’ve been on Ellen 14 times. You act so much like a pussy on the show, Ellen tried to eat you.” It was a carefully calculated move from Bieber’s management, a chance for them to show the world Justin has a sense of humor about himself.

The redemption tour was in full swing. He crashed a high-school prom, joined the cast of Zoolander 2, sang Boyz II Men in a car with James Corden and at the W Hotel during Jazz Night, showed off his lip-sync skills, and something something Ryan Seacrest.

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