Katt Williams Is Producing A New Tupac Album Featuring Unreleased Verses And Cardi B

Did you know that Suge Knight has a podcast? I didn’t, and now I do, and I don’t know what to do with that information. Part of me thinks that there is no way Suge Knight should have a podcast, especially considering he’s currently in prison for running someone over with his SUV.

On the latest episode of this podcast, Collect Call (great name, by the way), Suge’s guest, Katt Williams, claims he’s working on a new posthumous Tupac album with some of the California rapper’s unreleased verses. One unexpected guest he names is Cardi B, which is sure to delight Gen-X and millennial hip-hop fans who grew up on ‘Pac’s music in the ’90s. The discourse is bound to be exhausting.

As they discuss the potential project Williams is putting together, Knight asks, “How many people you gonna have on the project?” Katt says there will be eight, and they’ll be “only the best of the best.” Knight also queries, “I heard Cardi on the project with you, is that true?” After confirming her presence, Knight calls her “the female version of Tupac” and Katt agrees, “We love Cardi B. She’s going to mix with him nicely. Everybody that’s on it is a piece of him, in a way.”

If such a project does come to fruition, we’ll see whether these words turn out to be prophetic or just piss people off (probably both, if we’re being honest). You can listen to the full episode of Collect Call (complete with some head-scratching AI “art” of Suge and Katt) above.