Suge Knight Said The Police Arrested The Wrong Person For Tupac’s Murder

The 27-year-old murder case of Tupac Shakur took a turn last month when it was reported that Las Vegas Police had arrested Duane “Keefe D” Davis after raiding his wife’s home in July. Davis was charged with murder with use of a deadly weapon in Tupac’s death; he maintains that he in the vehicle with others who committed the drive-by shooting that killed the rapper in 1996.

However, Tupac’s fellow occupant of the other involved vehicle, Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, said that the police have the wrong man. Furthermore, he said he will refuse to testify against Davis despite being one of only a handful of people who might have firsthand knowledge of the shooting (and one of only two still alive to talk). TMZ reports that Knight expressly denied Davis’ account of events and that Davis’s nephew Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger. According to police, though, Davis was the owner of the gun used to kill Tupac in retaliation for a brawl at the MGM Grand just after Mike Tyson fought Bruce Seldon.

Although Knight has said that Anderson didn’t shoot Tupac and that Davis wasn’t involved, he will never tell who did — if he even knows. However, Davis has been adamant for years about his recollection, even writing a memoir that detailed the events leading up to the shooting. That memoir was a big part of what prompted the raid, and a copy was among the evidence collected. Knight’s reasoning for defending Davis is simple; per TMZ, “he’d never wish prison time on anyone.”