Prolific Father Nick Cannon Has ‘A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of Gifts To Buy’ For His 11 Kids In A Hilarious New Holiday Video

When it comes to family, Nick Cannon likes to keep it old-school in terms of size; in 1800, American women had an average of seven to eight children. Cannon has actually gone well beyond that, though: He welcomed his 11th child on November 11 (so kid No. 11 on 11/11) and his 12th is on the way. When the estimated global population reached 8 billion people recently, folks were quick to make Cannon jokes and now he’s getting in on the fun, too.

In a video shared on Cannon’s YouTube account on November 29, he wears a Santa hat and Christmas-themed pajamas in a cozy environment. Sitting with a laptop off to the side, Cannon begins, “It’s almost the holidays, and thanks to me, the world now has 8 billion people. But my job’s not done. It’s time to do some online Christmas shopping, and based off the baby-mama-to-kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy.”

The video is presented as being sponsored by “BDF,” which is eventually revealed to be the fictional Baby Daddy Financial. Before that, Cannon hops on the computer and tries to get through his holiday shopping, cracking jokes about his many high-maintenance kids along the way.

Check out the video above.