Nickelback Is Back With A New Song And They Have Gone Full Crap Version Of Metallica

08.19.14 4 years ago 14 Comments
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The ‘Back is back, baby! Three not-long-enough years since their last album, Nickelback not only signed a new record deal with Republic Records, but they also released a new song today. It’s called “Edge of a Revolution,” and it obviously both sucks and blows, but it sucks and blows in a whole new way.

Well, new for Nickelback, because of sounding like white-trash arena rock, now they’re some kind of crappy Metallica knockoff. Worst yet, a crappy late-era Metallica knockoff. Remember that old MADtv sketch where Scott Stapp calls out the dude from the Calling for stealing his singing style, and then Vedder does the same thing to Stapp? James Hetfield should send Chad Kroeger an invoice for using his vocals without permission. Thing is, I’m not even mad at Nickelback — I’m just disappointed they didn’t try to make their own “Enter Sandman.” That would have been hilarious.

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