Let’s Remember The Time Nickelback Was Pelted With Rocks In Portugal

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10.11.15 3 Comments
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Getty Image / Scott Gries

Thanks to the fine folks over at Reddit, I was greeted with something I never knew until today. Nickelback was forced to quit a show after two songs due to the crowd in Portugal pelting them with rocks. The incident was caught on video, and according to the numerous posts related to it over the years, it would seem that Portugal has “gotten rid” of Nickelback due to this method. Here’s the official synopsis of the events, thanks to the folks at Blabbermouth:

NICKELBACK walked off stage during the second song of their scheduled appearance at Portugal’s Ilha do Ermal festival on Monday, August 19th after being continually pelted with rocks and bottles during the early part of their performance, thus preventing the group from safely carrying on with their show.

Did it really happen like that? Let’s look at the video tape:

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