Nicki Minaj’s New Hero Is Billy Eichner And She Wants To Meet His ‘Petty Ass’

Billy Eichner met his match when he came across a gray-haired woman who didn’t give a hot damn about La La Land, Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling on his pop culture show, Billy On The Street. Honestly, the woman could’ve been me or any of us who don’t care about La La Land, Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling. And it definitely could’ve been Nicki Minaj who’s now calling Eichner her new hero for his pettiness.

Nicki couldn’t contain her laughter watching that woman tell the Parks and Rec actor off as he condescendingly quizzed her about the romantic musical. The reigning queen of rap took to Instagram and shared the hilarious clip with fans and her thoughts. “He woulda got punched in his neck as soon as he woulda shoved the mic in my face that aggressively at the end, talking bout ‘sweetie’ ? n**** said OSCAR BUZZ?!?!! ? The way he delivers his final line is iconic! ‘Sweetheart, okay it has Oscar buzz & I saw Emma Stone do a Q&A!’ ???”

Born in Trinidad but raised in Queens, New York, Nicki added that the comedian was lucky he didn’t get throat punched because New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for being friendly. “This is a dangerous game to play in the streets of NY. New Yorkers ain’t really wired right, we throwed off,” she added on Instagram.