Nicki Minaj And J. Cole Keep Each Other Emotionally Grounded On Their New Collab, ‘Let Me Calm Down’

Nicki Minaj is back. Tonight, the illustrious hip-hop artist released her long-awaited fifth studio album Pink Friday 2. Over the course of the album, Minaj grapples with a whirlwind of emotions, from love, loss, grief, and newfound motherhood. On a standout track, “Let Me Calm Down,” she teams up with J. Cole as she finds herself conflicted as someone attempts to reconnect with her.

“I knew if that if it was meant to be, that one day I would let him / Twenty years later them decisions, I don’t regret them / Just wish you would give me space when I really need it / To be alone in my zone when I’m really heated,” raps Minaj on one of the song’s verses, showcasing her confusion about the place this person once had in her life.

Cole then pops in with a verse of his own, offering a special message to the song’s subject. He better get right if he wants Minaj in his life.

“They talkin’ slick and make you wanna pull a Rated-R / You like her, love her like a brother, like a manager, an A&R / Plus a therapist when it start rainin’ hard / Her life was trauma filled, it left her with a tainted heart,” he raps.

You can listen to “Let Me Calm Down” above.

Pink Friday 2 is out now via Republic. Find more information here.