Noname Announced Her New Album, The First Since 2018, And It Is Slated To Arrive Sooner Than You Think

Apparently 2023 is the year of musical returns. First, SZA made her big comeback. For weeks Cardi B has spoken publicly about working on her sophomore album. Now Noname is throwing her hat into the ring. All three ladies waited five years before dropping or, in some cases, beginning to work on a full-length follow-up.

Although Noname has released several songs recently, including “Rainforest” and “Song 33” (a response track to J. Cole’s subtle jabs), fans of the rapper have been looking forward to the day when she’d drop an entire project after changing her mind regarding retiring from music.

Well, now they’re in luck. In a post uploaded to Instagram, the musician wrote, “My new album is called Sundial. It will be released in July 2023.” She added, “Thank you for everything.”

Noname’s last album, Room 25, was released in 2018. In between single drops, she’s focused her energy on her community activism work, including Noname’s Book Club, which focuses on “uplifting people of color voices” by highlighting literary works centering their stories. The literary and social awareness movement has played a vital part in the conversations about educational resources available in underfunded areas. That said, Noname is no stranger to using her music to address political and social issues. It’s safe to assume that her forthcoming album will do the same.

Fans of Noname were overjoyed after hearing the news. See a few of their reactions below.

Before deactivating her Twitter, after it was revealed that she would be returning to Coachella, Noname wrote, “Now if Coachella doesn’t convince y’all I’m bout to drop an album, I don’t know what will.” It looks like she’s keeping her word.

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