Noname’s Book Club Secures A Physical Headquarters For Food Drives, Classes, And More

Never say Noname doesn’t put her money where her mouth is. The outspoken Chicago artist, who in recent years has repeatedly called out the failings of America’s mainstream social system, found a way to help educate fans with the Noname Book Club, which she came up with one day when she was “really high.” However, that idea has since grown into a real political activist network that has a tremendous impact on communities with branches, and recently, Noname took a huge step in increasing that impact in more material ways.

On Instagram, Noname shared the first photos of the official headquarters of the Noname Book Club, which currently undergoing renovations. She also shared her plans for the physical space, which include holding food and book drives, free art showing and film screenings, and political education classes. She noted that “Everything provided in this space will be FREE. We service the community. We cannot wait for Biden or any other white supremacist political to provide for the people. Capitalism doesn’t end by itself. We have to start building a worker-led solidarity economy. The government would rather bomb Somalia than pay your rent.”

Noname also recently shared her first song of 2021, “Rainforest.” You can listen to it here.