Noname Speaks Out On The Israel-Palestine Conflict: ‘Denouncing Genocide Is Basic Common Sense’

Fans have grown accustomed to independent Chicago rapper Noname addressing political issues as they arise (even if her words provoke this kind of reaction) and the recent spotlight on the conflict between Israel and Palestine — and celebrity commentary on the matter — has sparked her to weigh in once more. Her stance is that what is happening right now is genocide, and denouncing attacks on Palestinians is what’s right. “It’s really not that hard to stand for what’s right,” she wrote. “Denouncing genocide is basic common sense.”

In her mind, the way that some of our most public-facing figures are also the ones contributing the most taxes, and usually stay quiet on political issues, is all part of the problem. She’s spoken out on the issues with idolizing celebrities as changemakers before, and doubles down on those thoughts here. “If you don’t understand settler colonialism, annexation and ethnic cleansing, fine,” she continued. “But understand you are helping the U.S fund it with your taxes. We give billions to israel so they can continue to murder. And murder. And murder. Celebs pay the most in taxes and the most quiet.”

Later, she also implicated the Democratic party for their inability to take strong action on issues like this one. “Please move beyond celebrities and the Democratic party,” she wrote. “Both have this country in shackles.”

Noname also shared plenty of other information on the conflict by retweeting others into her feed, check out her feed her for more right here. And give a follow while you’re at it, few people in the music industry are speaking with this kind of clarity and conviction.