Noname Says She Started Her Book Club Because She Was Super High

Noname, fresh off releasing her first song as part of the group Ghetto Sage, “Häagen Dazs,” joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah this week. Noname talked to Noah about the benefits of being an independent artist, her passion for reading, and how she started her own book club, but before the show, it appears Noname caught stage fright: “A little sh*t before the daily show tonight,” Noname said on Twitter.

Circling back to Noname starting her own book club, it’s at the 2:20 minute mark where Noname provides more detail on this development. Initially, Noname was reading a book and one of her Twitter followers tweeted her about it: “I was reading this book called Cooperation Jackson about cooperatives, specifically one in Jackson, Mississippi, and someone tweeted me ‘Yo, let’s be pen-pals, we’re reading the same book,'” Noname said. “I was high and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I should create a book club,’ so yeah, I created a book club. I smoke a lot of weed.”

Credit Noname for sticking to her plan when her high wore off. Outside of her own interests, Noname’s trying to save Nina Simone’s childhood home as well.

Check out the full interview of Noname on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah above.