Norah Jones And Billie Joe Armstrong Surprised New Yorkers With A Very Small Show

In 2013, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong teamed up with Norah Jones to record an album of Everly Brothers covers entitled, Foreverly. On Wednesday night at New York’s Bowery Electric, the pair performed their first Foreverly set together, and the results were incredible. Jones and Armstrong were backed by a full band and performed for an hour in front of 200 fans.

Jones and Armstrong seem like an odd couple, especially on an album of Everly Brothers songs, but the two complement each other quite nicely. When Armstrong discovered Everly Brothers’ Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, he instantly fell in love and, with a push from his wife, decided to reach out to Jones, wondering if she’d be interested in the covers project.

The underrated album got a lot of attention when it was released, but hype quickly died down because the pair never toured behind the LP. This was only a one-off performance, and no other Foreverly shows have been announced as of yet. Then again, Wednesday night’s show wasn’t announced, either, so who knows where they’ll pop up next?

(Via Rolling Stone)