Now You Too Can Dance Like A Goth

Have you always yearned to be able to dance like a goth? Sure you have. I mean, who hasn’t? In the words of Kai MacTane and Anne Killpack

You went out to your local goth club in your black velvet frock coat, your hair teased up bigger and rattier than Edward Scissorhands’, and lace dripping from your wrists and throat. You looked fabulous. But as soon as you got on the dance floor, everyone started laughing — eventually, they had to toss you out of the club for being “deleterious to the proper level of angst.”

You need to learn to dance gothic.

It’s not that hard; just learn these simple moves and soon you can blend in with all the other spooky individuals on the dance floor at your local batcave. After all, for such an individualistic crowd, it’s kind of surprising how goths all seem to use the same moves. Maybe it’s something encoded in the Goth GenesTM rather than just lack of originality…

Now, thanks to the video below, you can finally “fit in,” which is all any goth wants out of life, right? You’re welcome!

(HT: Jarret)

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