Odesza And Leon Bridges’ ‘Across The Room’ Video Is A Heartwarming Reminder Of Home

Odesza’s style of electronic music takes on an ethereal tone and composition — it’s exuberant EDM for the after party. Combining them with Fort Worth, Texas soul singer Leon Bridges adds a swing to it. Together, the two forces combine to create a tale of warmth and exuberance in “Across The Room.” As Bridges longs for a woman who enchanted him with the smell of perfume on the song, the video offers something much more profound. Choosing different colors of light such as pink and red to accent the various types of joy, the “Across The Room” clip is centered on the beauty of one giant house and a backyard BBQ. Odesza themselves show up around the 2-minute mark as Bridges and company enjoy the sights, sounds, and spirit of a family together.

“We ended up writing that whole song basically,” Odesza’s Clayton Knight said in a recent interview with Billboard. “We re-recorded some of the elements back in Texas, but everything was basically written in that studio in that eight-hour period. When that happens, it’s usually a good sign, because things are flowing easily and fast. You know they’re there. It’s a complete honor to work with him. He’s honestly a genius.”

The warm single featuring Bridges is taken from Odesza’s A Moment Apart debut album which is available now. Later this month, the duo will embark on a 28-date tour set to begin on October 19 in San Diego, CA before wrapping up on December 15 in Brooklyn.