How OK Go Shot A Music Video In Zero Gravity

Whatever you think of OK Go’s upbeat pop, there’s no denying the band are geniuses when it comes to music videos. Whether it’s adorable dogs, clever use of camera tricks, exquisitely choreographed dances shot with drones, or mixing selfies and perspective tricks, they’ve always got something worth watching. And this time, they’re ditching gravity to do it.

The band can’t afford a space shot, so what they did instead was fly in what’s officially called a “reduced gravity aircraft,” better known to astronauts as the Vomit Comet. The aircraft flies at a steep 45-degree angle upwards, crests, and then does a steep 45 degrees downward. On the downswing, everything inside the aircraft is in free fall, simulating weightlessness. Everything you see in the video was carefully designed so the zero-g effects happened on the downswing; if you look closely you can see where they’ve choreographed themselves to be in safe places before swinging back into the video. Also, nobody barfed, which is impressive in of itself, although you can see a few queasy looks if you’re quick.

Now, of course, the question becomes how OK Go can top themselves next time, since it’s not clear where they might go next. Maybe put some dogs in zero gravity?

(Via Stereogum)