Everything You Need To Know About What’s Going On With Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee

Who is Mister Cee?

He is a famous DJ for the influential New York hip-hop radio station Hot 97. Or at least was.

Why do people keep tweeting about him in uppercase letters on Twitter?

Basically, people think he’s gay (more on that later), which is a big deal in both the hip-hop AND celebrity communities. Sadly, some people still think it’s wrong to be homosexual and…

OK, before you go on some tangent: dude’s gay. Who cares? There must be something else.

Well, there is. He’s been arrested multiple times for picking up male prostitutes who dress up as women, including in 2011, when he allegedly “requested” to have sex with an undercover cop in Brooklyn. More recently, audio of Cee attempting to solicit sex from popular video-blogger Bimbo Winehouse…

“Popular video-blogger Bimbo Winehouse…”?

Just let it go. The audio was uploaded to YouTube, and soon after, Cee resigned from his job.

Wait. Why?

Here’s his official statement:

“The main reason why I resigned is because there was a video that was released today that kind of implied that I was making a transaction with a transsexual, which is not true, by the way. If you watch the video, you don’t see my face, you don’t see that person’s face. So for me, it was really about stepping down for the sake of the station…It got to the point where my transgressions and my mistakes were affecting the station, whether it was affecting the station’s income, whether it was affecting certain clients that wanted to buy time during my hour and felt like they didn’t want to stand next to the brand because I was on the air at that time. To that point, instead of them telling me, ‘We’re gonna have to let you go,’ I just felt like the best thing to do was for me to step down because it’s obvious that whatever mistakes and transgression I’ve made, whatever’s being put out there is being put out there for the fact that I’m on radio.” (Via)

He did, however, appear on Hot 97 this morning for what Spin called an “hour-long subtweet.”

So, I know it doesn’t matter, but…he’s gay, right?

To quote the man himself:

I know I’m still in denial because I know that I love women — any woman that’s been with me knows that I love women — but occasionally I get the urge to have fellatio with a transsexual: a man that looks like a woman. But I’m here saying I’m not gay because I haven’t penetrated another man. (Via)

I’m not sure what you want to call that, but I dunno, maybe he is? It doesn’t matter. The only bad thing he did was hob-knob with prostitutes, which, yes, is pretty wrong, but this story is much bigger than it should be because people still get freaked out by THE GAYS. Homophobia is MUCH less prevalent than it used to be (in fact, Morning Show host Ebro told Cee, “You don’t have to apologize for you who are ever. Ever. Do not feel like that”), but it’s still there. I’d strongly recommend reading David D’s piece for the Smoking Section on this exact issue.

You feel like you “let everyone down”? Well, now you have a chance to make it right. Stand strong. On the air. Be a pioneer as the first major homosexual figure in Hip-Hop with a regular on-air presence. Plenty of people could learn by what you’re going through. You can turn your circumstances around and be a pillar of strength for them.

Most importantly, Hip-Hop needs Mister Cee. I know you won’t hear what we’re saying until you accept yourself, but I’ll say it again: I don’t give a sh*t about who you’re laying with. Get on the 1s and 2s and do you.

Pretty much, and oh yeah, Mister Cee, stay away from the prostitutes, male or female.

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