Omarion Has Heard All The Omicron Jokes But Says You Don’t Need ‘A Negative Test’ To Dance To His Music

The arrival of the omicron COVID-19 variant is the reason why many musicians are canceling their events and performances all across the country. But when the coronavirus strain first broke out in the US, R&B fans flocked to Twitter to decide that dubbing the new variant the Omarion variant was a much catchier term. After a wave of memes, the “Touch” singer has finally addressed the jokes and assured fans they don’t need to “have a negative test result” in order to dance to his music.

Despite the severity of the omicron variant, Omarion was in good humor about all the jokes. The singer shared a cheeky video to TikTok addressing the meme and reminding everyone that he’s an artist and an entertainer, not a COVID-19 variant. “Hi everybody, this is Omarion. I am an artist, not a variant,” he said in the video. “So please be aware that if you just so happen to run into me on the street, you don’t have to isolate for five days, nor do you have to have a negative test result in order to dance to my music. So please, be safe, be healthy, happy new year.”

Watch Omarion address the omicron jokes above.