A Dad Got A One Direction Tattoo To Win A Contest And Still Got Disqualified

Tattoo fails are always fun things to gawk at and think, “What the hell were they thinking?” There have been countless examples of this certain phenomenon. But this tattoo fail in particular on the part of Roger Fraser is actually one that is pretty nice. The Columbia, Tenn. native wanted to win a radio contest so his family could get incredible seats to see One Direction in Indianapolis. So the father of two went ahead and got this tattoo.

But here’s the problem, according to MTV News: The radio station wouldn’t give Fraser the tickets because he isn’t an Indiana resident. So now, without any tickets, a grown man is forever branded with the mark of a boy band whose core audience is just getting its driver’s license.

However, the story doesn’t end there. He may have not got front row tickets for his kids, but he managed to make the five-hour drive to Indy and snag tickets an hour before showtime so his kid could go. He told MTV about his rash decision:

“I didn’t have a second thought or a regret from the time I got it,” Roger told us. “When I got it, I said, ‘If we win, I’ll keep it. If we lose, I’ll cover it up.’ But once we found out we couldn’t win? Me being me, you know what? I wanna be able to laugh at me for this one.

“This tattoo may be on my shoulder,” he continued. “But I can promise you: it feels even bigger in my heart.”

See?! Dumb tattoo stories can have happy endings, too.

(via MTV News)