This Opera Singer Kills It With Her Cover Of AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’

Brian Johnson might be out of commission as frontman for AC/DC, but it would seem they have plenty of options for a backup. Take Cristina Ramos for example, a contestant on Spain’s Got Talent. She kicks off her performance with a splendid operatic number that would likely impress at any high school talent show in the world, but not all is as it seems. Some blaring guitar interrupts, confusing some of the judges, and Ramos tears off her dress to reveal some flashy pants and attitude.

Clearly Ramos is taken by the spirit of Lucifer — or Bon Scott — and starts singing a rendition of “Highway to Hell” that earns her the coveted golden buzzer/button/switch that sends her automatically to the live show. It seems this is part of the other versions of the show too, so it isn’t some special thing. I do like to think that Satan is the one who forced the button to be pushed, though.

It’s not bad, but I really thought she was going to do the entire song in opera style before actually watching the video. Not sure that would be any good, but I wasn’t expecting a straight cover of the song. But when are you ever expecting a straight over, right?

(Via Spain’s Got Talent)